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Will Maranto & the Usual Suspects Live!

Flying Heart Brewery

Will Maranto & the Usual Suspects Live!

Live at Flying Heart Brewpub.

Frozen Pirogue

Will Maranto & the Usual Suspects Live!

Start Memorial Day weekend with a bang!  Astonishing Rock 'n Roll!

Will Maranto &
The Usual Suspects

Will Maranto & the Usual Suspects are both a band and a brotherhood, specializing in fun and accessible rock ‘n roll.  Playing originals and covers from the likes of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Van Morrison, John Mayer, the White Stripes and Johnny Cash, the Suspects aim to get the crowd stomping and keep them dancing all night long.

Maranto (Lead vocals/guitar) and Kenneth Brown (Bass guitar) started playing together in 2007 in various incarnations of the bands Gypsy Mountain and Retroverb before starting the Usual Suspects.  With the addition of Joe Hayes (Drums/backing vocals), the band gelled into the organic three-piece it is today.  “It all fits like a glove” says Maranto, and this sentiment is only amplified by the other members.  



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